In “SAMURAI BISAYA”, we introduce useful Bisaya (Cebuano) phrases, grammar and vocabulary, which is a language spoken in the Visayas of the Philippines.

What is Bisaya (Cebuano)?

Bisaya is a language spoken by the people of the Visayas in the eastern Philippines. It’s also called “Cebuano” because it’s originated in Cebu.

Approximate areas where Bisaya is spoken.

The official languages of the Philippines are Tagalog (Filipino), and the most spoken language throughout the Philippines is Tagalog and the second is Bisaya. Bisaya is spoken by about 20 million of the Philippines’ population of about 100 million.

Filipinos in the Visayas speak three languages, Bisaya, Tagalog, and English.

Cebu in the Visayas is popular among Asian people to study English because many Filipinos there are known to speak English. However, the language spoken by Filipinos in Cebu as their mother tongue is Bisaya.

The Philippines has a history of being colonized by Spain, and Cebu is the first colony in the Philippines. So, Bisaya is also a language strongly influenced by Spanish.

Characters on SAMURAI BISAYA


The author behind SAMURAI BISAYA.
Japanese (samurai) who live in Cebu.
He is interested in Bisaya.


Talented Filipina.
Besides Bisaya, she speaks Tagalog and English.


The representative of the readers of this blog.
Named after Sinulog, a festival in Cebu.
Sinulogman raises questions about Bisaya on this blog.
He is an imaginary character.